11 things i’m thinking

  1. the washington monument in DC isn’t just a monument.
  2. really, the washington monument is there to radiate needle-dick energy like a beacon through ground waves across the country at a level that can only be sensed by other needle-dicks.
  3. this beacon attracts those other needle-dicks and that’s why everyone in DC is a worthless needle-dick.
  4. the 20 year war in afghanistan’s failure falling at the feet of joe biden was a ploy agreed to by both parties to ensure the fascists win because both sides are fascist needle-dicks.
  5. joe biden could turn the tides of this political disaster by not being a needle-dick and doing something for anyone outside the parties of needle-dicks, but he won’t because he’s a worthless needle-dick.
  6. everything you think should be true isn’t because nothing is real and everything is a needle-dick lie. this is the power of needle-dick energy–the truth gets lost in the steady drumming of needle-dicks.
  7. needle-dicks are acting like they will proceed in a thoughtful manner, but in the end they’re doing a performative jerking off of egos while using a string of piano wire to try and tie a bowl of wet noodles together as the world burns.
  8. when what they say will work doesn’t work, they call it good and blame other needle-dicks for the fucked up spaghetti.
  9. needle-dicks know people hate spaghetti noodles that are all cut up.
  10. people are used to getting shitty noodles from needle-dicks and so people still love the needle-dick system.
  11. this is all why i am at work today.

what can one say?

when the truth is

so ugly that to speak it

is indecent.

when the leaders lead

so well that nothing changes and

the perpetrators get rich.

when the news tells

what we can’t bear to hear

and so we don’t listen.

when the temperature patterns

shift so much that we wouldn’t imagine

it could be natural.

when 2+2 doesn’t equal 4 depending

on which side you’re on.

when it’s so bad that

no one need comment or

speak at all because

words fail.

why bother with what

is outside our control?


is where we are at.

sorry to be so…

actually, no.

i’m not.