job hunting

after your second cup,
take a shower,
brush your hair,
your teeth,
trim your beard,
iron your shirt,
un-scuff your shoes,
put on the good belt,
fix your collar,
make sure you’re sharp
in the mirror,
kiss your girlfriend,
say, ‘Wish me luck!’
and hustle out the door.

drive to where it is,
on the way
check your watch,
make sure you brought the résumé,
ask yourself, “What is your greatest
skill?” then,
“Biggest weakness?”
really think about it,
break yourself down,
because you want to be

honk the horn because
they’re going too slow,
know that the job won’t wait
on traffic.

into the parking lot,
circle the full lot,
back on the street,
a parking spot is yours
a quarter mile away,
pay the meter your last

walk and try not to sweat
through your best clothes,
open the door,
extend your hand,
ask for the manager,
say, “My name is So and So.”

take a seat when they say,
begin to blend in
while you wait for the boss,
watch the employees go about
their business,
picture yourself in their position,
pull out a pen,
cross your legs,
try to de-sweat your palms.

wait for the boss
until she comes in,
walks up to you
and says, “I’m sorry.”

The manager isn’t in.
And we do all our hiring
But thanks for coming in.”

say thanks,
for some reason,
tell her your name and shake
her hand
and wonder if she’ll even bother
to remember.

take the little card she gives you
with the hr site
printed on the front.

walk back outside.

drive home,
think about your girl at work,
she’s serving tables,
she’s the one working,
she’s bought all the groceries and
covered you for rent,
see the gas tank and it’s nearly

“Maybe this online application
will work,” you tell yourself.

then drive home slow
since you’ve got no where else
to be.


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