we pulled frozen blueberry waffles
from the freezer and heated them
a while in the oven. by then
the coffee was done
and each of us had taken some sips.

she burned her thumb trying to flip
the waffles over but she got all six
turned the right way and when they were
crisp i sliced the cold butter
extra thin so it’d melt on the hot
waffle. that’s when i used the last
of our syrup.

eating in the living room
we talked about halloween costumes
and we talked about what
i should ‘be’ or
whom should i

she’s cutting through crispy waffle
with her fork and i’m pushing my bite
through the pooled syrup of my plate
and the dog is curled up in the sunspot
on the carpet and i really don’t care
to ‘be’
anyone or anything else.


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