old men discussing events

a recurring drama

-did you see the headline?
-all i know is the shooter was brown.
-muslim. another one.
-that’s right. muslim. he was, wasn’t he?
-sure was.
-is that right?
-i heard he was with ISIS.
-that’s right.
-well i’ll be.
-didn’t cut off any heads?
-not this time. got him too quick.
-thank heavens.
-killed a soldier though.
-damn shame about him.
-you’re right. can you believe it?
-you know they all do this sort of thing.
-they’ve been doing it!
-since the towers.
-yep. but even before then.
-al qaeda.
-yep. and bin laden.
-and hussein.
-what was that ship?
-the ship they blowed up. Cole?
-Cole? sounds right.
-USS Cole, i believe.
-i suppose you must be right.
-we shoulda known then what they wanted.
-yep. shoulda seen it coming.
-what i want to know is why didn’t we stop them then?
-back then?
-that’s right.
-if only.
-that’s right.
-if i had a wand, i’d wish ’em all away.
-you use a wand, i’ll use a rifle.
-right. better off without ’em.
-i’ll send ’em someplace.
-yep. i know it.
-look at that.
-well i’ll be.
-do you think he’s muslim?
-look at his wife. she’s wrapped.
-prolly right.
-what you suppose he’s doing here?
-figure he’s come to kill us.
-with your luck.
-i knew i should’ve stay in bed.
-you’ve always been too dumb to know any better.
-that’s right. s’what my wife says anyhow.
-and i’m gonna die right here at breakfast…
-and i’m gonna die right next to you.
-it’s a shame.
-i always hoped i’d die next to something prettier.
-i thought you wanted to die next to your wife?
-hey now.
-say did you watch the ball-game last night?
-ball game?
-all i saw was the headline.
-yeah. we lost.
-oh no. again?
-yep. it’s time to get that coach outta there.
-sounds like it.
-if i had a wand, i’d wish him gone.
-sounds good. be better off without him.


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