smooth operators

i knew a few guys
a while back.
they had money.
they got girls.
they liked to party.
they drove wasted.
they messed with weed and
even coke, but
they never got caught
doing anything.
all of em were so smooth.
i saw a few of em get
away from a cop when they
had weed right there in
their pocket.
i wondered about it, and
figured the cop
must not’ve seen liars so
damn confident.
but that’s how these guys were.

anyway, i had a party
one night
when my parents were gone.
everyone from school was there,
even all those guys.
i was in my room trying to
get her bra off when my neighbor
blasts into the room.
i start to ask him
‘what the fuck’
but he yells at me and says
‘some kids just set my car
on fire!’
we run outside together.
sure as hell his jaguar
is roasting in the driveway.
a fire engine starts down
the block with sirens on and
that’s when he yells to me,
yells as
he runs over to meet the truck,
and he says,
‘the cops are on
their way!’

i look down and i’m in my
boxers and that’s all i’m wearing.
i turn back to the house
but behind me are all the guys,
just ganged up around me
watching the chaos across the street.

one of them flicks a lighter.
‘what happened?’
‘who started it?
‘did he say cops?’
‘nice boxers.’
‘you’re fucked dude.’
‘let’s get out of here.’
‘good luck with that.’
and then they left.

of course i told the cops
what happened and who
i thought did it, but
the cops couldn’t
pin anything and
not one of the guys

meanwhile i got ticketed
for hosting the party,
got ticketed
for the booze,
got fined for
damage to the jag,
got a beating from my old man
once he got back in town.

i deserved it all,
i’m man enough to know.
but damn.

oh yeah, and as for
all those guys?
would you believe me
when i tell you that
they mostly
ended up in


2 thoughts on “#15/11-4-2014

  1. Really solid flow. The implied conversational repetition is also nice. Begs the question…if we burned it all down, wiped it all clean and started fresh, would we do the same thing we are doing now? Continue to power the revolving door? I hope I know the answer…but maybe I have too much faith in the human consciousness…


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