forgotten passages

genesis 2:4

and on the eighth day, after
he had rested,
god created
the tool by which man
shall rule
over all the world and
he called the tool

exodus 20:17.5

XI: you shall let market forces
determine the value of your neighbor.

psalm 151

praise the lord.

praise the wealth he
has given,
praise the leisure he
has bequeathed,
praise the holy markets he
has blessed,
praise the cheap labor he
has provided,
praise the ignorance and hope that
he has given the weak.

praise god,
praise the lord,
and praise
those unheralded saints,
merchants and economists alike,
that spread
his gospel
and embody
his noble spirit.

praise him that he show his love
and mercy and blessings
in dollars.

matthew 19:21

jesus answered,
“if you want to be perfect,
sell your possessions and
to the poor,
and you will have
treasure in heaven. then,
come, follow me.”


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