unrequited love

alone and
on his way
back home after
the garden party
when he realizes
what a damn
he’s been.

‘i can’t let
this one get
he thinks.

‘i just can’t,’
he says.
‘not her.’

then he says,
‘i love her,’
and he pulls
a 180.

he notices
some annoyed looks
when they
he’s come back.

‘oh come on,’
somebody says.
‘not again.’

but when he
sees her
across the yard,
he makes
his way to her.

he says closing in
behind her,
‘i love you.’

when her head
doesn’t turn,
he puts his arms out
and touches her
bare shoulder.

‘you smell so
he says quietly.

then he leans in
and kisses her back–
kisses her, oh
so gently–
kisses her
with all the love
he can manage.

for a moment
he feels
her love becoming
his, and
he feels her
warmth, and
he feels her
his kiss.

right after that
he’s dead.

‘these goddam
she says.
‘i’m getting eaten


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