gasping for

i fell off the boat.
i was leaning over the edge.
i was leaning far when i fell.
i wanted to see the water.
now i see it all too well.
it wasn’t my boat.
i was a guest on the boat.
now i am a guest in the sea.

i don’t see anyone.
i guess i’m left here.
i guess i’ll die here.
if so i hope it happens
deep under water.
my arms and legs are
getting tired.
i’ve been treading.
but i can’t forever.
this i know. still-

i fell of at dusk.
it’s not dawn yet.
but i am so worn.

the water is cold without the sun
making my shoulders stiff.

even though i struggle
the water is reaching towards my throat.
i’ve coughed out salty water.
i’m not ready yet.
still the shore is not near.
there are no lights but stars.
not even of the moon.
the sea has me prisoner.

it is all stars tonight.
i lean back to rest.
i see everything bright in the sky.
even the shooting star.
i am warmed with peace.
i feel lucky about life.
i am not scared to die.
i embrace the big water.


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