about two weeks ago
i rode my bike on a tuesday.
i was trying out a route.
ten miles round trip.
that’s a lot for me.
i’ve become so stagnant.
i wore gym shorts and
my red sox hoodie.
it was cold.
i should have worn more.
my bare fingers were the first
extremities to go numb.
then my knuckles.
i could hardly grip
the handles.
my nose went next.
then the snot that
gooped into my mustache.
cold snot and warm breath
made my upper lip have
hot-freeze type sensation.
as i kept going
my tonsils started scorching.
i hacked up some phlegm.
my eyes watered and the drops
felt cold all the way back
to my ears.
in my shoes my toes started
losing their articulations.
they were like lame nubs.
on the way home
it’s all uphill.
my thighs and calves strained.
i heaved and gasped until the
ground leveled out.
finally, i was mostly there.
that’s when i noticed
that underneath my shorts
my dick had become a
that was the scariest part of all,
when i squeezed him
and it burned.

but i made it home.
i drank some tea.
everything warmed up.
and i stayed inside.
quite comfortably.
but now i miss the


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