the busboy

he showed up for work
in too-short pants
and white socks that showed
between black pants and shoes.

‘the shoes and pants cost
plenty,’ he said.
‘i didn’t have enough for socks.’

i said, ‘you didn’t have enough
for socks?’

‘they’re expensive. eight or nine
for two pair.’

‘what’s that? eight or nine?’ i said.

‘on top of twenty for shoes and
twenty for pants? it’s a lot.’

‘well get it figured out. i don’t
want to see those socks again.’

‘i’m sorry, sir. i’ll get it fixed
once i start making some money.’

‘no,’ i said. ‘get it fixed tomorrow.’

‘then i will,’ he said. ‘somehow
i will.’

‘good,’ i said. but i already knew
i was firing him.

it was clear he wasn’t a
good fit.

poor guy.


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