my top-ten top-ten lists of 2014

10- usa today’s top-ten list of top-ten lists

9- people magazine’s top-ten celebrity top-ten lists top-ten list

8- us weekly’s top-ten celebrity’s top-ten celebrity top-ten list

7- the new york daily news top-ten reasons why top-ten top-ten lists still matter

6- the a.v. club’s top-ten reasons why top-ten indie bands still deserve top-ten status on top-ten list top-ten lists

5- the wall-street journal’s top-ten list of top-ten moneymaking strategies in a top-ten list world

4- buzzfeed’s top-ten reasons why we hate top-ten top-ten lists

3- the washington post’s top-ten top-ten lists of top-ten items at the top-ten of the nsa’s top-ten list

2- the harvard review’s top-ten top-ten lists disseminated by the top-ten news organizations in the top-ten markets by the university’s top-ten list making top-tenners

1- nasa’s top-ten reasons why they’re still working furiously to escape into cold, vacuous and deadly space despite the fact that no top-ten life exists


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