5 billion years from now

the sun explodes
and swallows the earth.

before it does:

-skeptics in leadership
debate the validity
of available evidence
suggesting the sun exists.

-doomsday preppers dig a
series of tunnels below
a forgotten patch of desert to
better stash their supply
of automatic weapons.

-seats on evacuating spacecraft
are sold on ebay for ten
trillion dollars.

-emergency kits are
handed out by the government.
the kits include
a solar blanket,
a block of cheese,
and a travel-size tube
of spf-15 sunscreen.

despite spending the past
10,000 years denying the
scientific evidence supporting
the sun’s expansion,
realize they are all about to die.
they spend the last days
blaming all heathens for bringing on
the end with their lives of vile sin.

-those with no other choice but to
remain on earth smile and
decide to get on their roofs
to cheers their loved ones one last time.
most can’t help but wonder what it was all
about. and they laugh at such absurdity.

then everyone sees the sky get very bright.

after it does:

-the ships carrying all
remaining worthy life
see their order collapse
shortly after
questions of who’s
‘cleaning up all the shit’

-no one does
and they all die of

the end.


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