a farmer and his crops

the first year,
he knew something was
going wrong. he just didn’t
know what, being such a
turned out to be
a fungus.
after that he started guessing
what it would be that
destroys his crop.
second year he said
drought but it was
third year he said
twister but it was
fourth year he said
drought again, but his
fourth year it rained a lot
and got fungus again.
the fifth year he was
tired and frustrated.
he said, ‘i don’t know
anymore. shit.
i’ve never
known anything.’
his wife took him by the hand
and said, ‘just do your
best. and stop thinking about
what will ruin us. if it
does, it does.’
he felt touched by her words.
he looked at her and said,
‘you’re right. i can’t help it at all
if a durn tornado
blows down the house.
or if a fungus decides it wants
to ruin me financially.
or if an asteroid
falls out of the sky
and decimates everything i own.
that stuff just happens.’
so when
the asteroid did fall
and when it did
decimate everything he owned,
he felt a little better.
he had no more farm to worry over
and for once
he’d actually been


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