laissez-faire heroics

help! anyone please!
help me! somebody!
superman help!

right, where’s superman?! somebody
find him!

he ain’t coming.

sure he is, clark.

nah, lois, he’s not.

can’t you do something?

oh now you expect ME to pay for HER

but that woman
is going to fall.

that’s right. she

won’t superman save her?

help me, superman!

i hear superman gave it all up.

what? but he’s a hero.

to some. or maybe he has only been
delaying the inevitable.

what’s that supposed to mean?

superman can defeat villains. but he can’t
defeat nature. in nature and in life
it’s the rule of the jungle. only the strong
survive. maybe it’s just her time.

competition is for the jungle. this is
metropolis! shouldn’t we cooperate? shouldn’t
we help one another? can’t we save her!?

but at what cost to me?

how much could it cost you to save her?
and wouldn’t it be worth it?

how do you expect to pay for all these

superman used to watch over us because he was

maybe he got tired of offering his services
for free. maybe he was looking for some
incentives to be good.

oh my god, clark, she’s going to fall!

i’m slipping! please help me!

she’s gotta die sometime.

oh shut up. we’ll find someone for you ma’am!
just hold on!

no one is coming to help you!

shut up. what the hell?!

she doesn’t deserve help.

be reasonable.

i’m being perfectly reasonable.

ma’am, we’ll help you. please,
just don’t let go!

i can’t hold on much longer!

just don’t let go!

ma’am, if you want to live,
you will have to save yourself!

i’m trying!

then do it!

don’t you think she’d
have done it already if she could!?

i’m not sure she really wants
to live.

please help me!

sounds like she does to me.

if she can’t pull herself up on her own,
i don’t see what good she is anyway.

you’re sick.

i’m just being practical.

where’s your compassion?

if she were able to earn my respect
by saving herself, she’d earn
my compassion.

clark, what has gotten into you?
you’ve never been like this.

i just found this book by ayn rand.
it’s really shaken things up for me and
opened my eyes to some things.

i can’t hold on. i’m– AAAAH!

oh my god. she’s falling!
that poor woman.

lois, it’s ok. it’s merely
natural selection.

that’s horrible.

lois, if somebody saved her
how would she have ever learned her lesson?
trust me. it’ll be ok.

don’t touch me. and why will it be ok?
because when i’m hanging from a ledge
you’ll tell me to pull myself up or die?

i’m only trying to encourage you to be
your best.

clark, maybe you’re right. perhaps
it is pointless to wait for a hero.
i’m probably wrong in that regard.
but at least i didn’t rationalize
her death before she’d even
fallen. you didn’t even want
her to live.

i just don’t want her to live with the idea
that her choices don’t have consequences.

well, she’s learned.


so have i.
goodbye, clark.

where are you going?

i said goodbye.

i don’t understand.

i don’t imagine you will.


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