her and her smelly dogs

one’s big and the
other’s small.

they both stink.

the little dog bathes
only once every three

the bigger is
regularly afflicted
with bouts of
calamitous gas.

it’s doubtful
either realizes
the extent of
their odors.

they mostly know
her smell.

she is their

they get sad when she’s
not around.

they imagine her smiling
and smelling good and
being happy.

when she gets home
they run to her and
smell her and
lick her.

she smells that
the little one
still needs a bath
and that
the big one
has farted.

she looks at them,
both her smelly dogs
wide-eyed and in love
with only her.

she smiles and scratches
under their chins.

they are happy.


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