a wise old man’s idea

someone much smarter
than me told me his
it is simple.
the idea is:
collect a force
of volunteers.
send them to train
at bootcamp.
ship them overseas
to wartorn areas.
arm them with food
and medicine.
deploy them into
the shit.
let them remember their
let them give the people
let them offer assistance
to the needy.
let them help others develop
their communities.
let them never fire
a single shot.
let them get taken.
and if one gets taken,
remove the entire force
without the good guys,
let the needy realize
who is committing evil.
let the people demand
let the people not be fooled.
let the war be good vs evil.
let the forces of good never
let the men and women who die
die for peace.
let the world see what’s possible.
let the war be won without guns.
let the war end with love.


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