it only takes
a donut
to make me
quite happy.
and i take
pride in that.

just one
sprinkle and
i’m good.
that’s all
i need.

well maybe
one sprinkle
and one long-john.

two is enough.
two is not
too much.

but i
forgot about

three donuts then.
i’m happy with
the trio.

i’m a liar.
gotta have
the bearclaw
right after
the glazed which
comes after the
longjohn which comes
after the sprinkle.

it’s a good system
i’ve refined.
so i cannot
tinker with it.
i know.
it’s ridiculous.
but still,
only four and i am
as content as any

but i keep
the fritters.

and boston creme.

ok. just
a half-dozen and
i’m happy.
a half-dozen and
you’ll not hear a
peep out of me.

as long as there’s
coffee too.


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