moving the bookshelf

it was there in that corner,
but it’d be better off
in that other corner.

you try to scoot the whole thing
and the weight of the books
anchor the shelf.

it tilts when you pull and
sounds like it’s gonna break
at the seams.

there’s just
so many books.

you’re stronger than
the shelf, but the books
are stronger than shelf

step back and look at them.
hundreds. spines all aligned.
each one with its own weight.
each with its own space.

take handfuls at a time and
stack them on the floor like
the columns of stonehenge.

rediscover each one and
lessen the burden upon the shelf.

move the lighter shelf. it won’t
break now.

it really is better off
in the new corner.

so much more light.

put all the pieces back
together. it’s not
the same. it’s

the old order is
now jumbled but

it is in a new place.


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