cart before the horse

globalized business
clutches the globe.
money whips about
like trans-hemispheric
all around the planet.
into forgotten places.

get on facebook and
you can find anyone.

it’s unreal.

(courtesy of
our sponsors:

trans-pacific trade.
north-atlantic trade.
international monetary.
world bank.)

here we are.
in our hanes shirts.
in our nike shoes.
on our apple phones.
spending american dollars.
reading over the blood
between the lines.

not to mention
those fucking

our business has outpaced
our ethics.
if ethics ever had a chance.

there is no umbrella big enough.
at least not yet.

the UN is our drunk uncle.
we are selfish shits.

so many people are just out in the rain.
cold. exploited. hopeless.

we are dry as we watch.


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