i’ve got it bad.

this fever is just getting

worse by the day.

i can’t stop coughing.

i feel like something

inside is trying

to choke me.

rashes, too. rashes

breaking out all over my skin.

it’s been so bad

this summer.

i been losing sleep over

these rashes.

did i say constipation?

jesus, i’m so plugged

up with shit

i feel like

i’m carrying the weight of

the world in my guts.

and my blood, too.

i cut myself right there

on the finger and,

the craziest thing,

no blood came out.

i got no blood left,

doc! am i

sounding crazy yet?

yeah, you think i’m

nuts. is my



you gotta know i’d be

so happy

to learn what i’m seeing

isn’t real.

another thing:

it’s all getting

to my head.

i can’t think straight,

doc, it’s gettin’ to where

i can’t get on at all.

i really got it bad, doc.

i’m scared, you know?

can’t you do something?

do i even stand a chance?

i got kids to think about.


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