poem at lunchtime

dinnerbell rings into the

vacuum of hunger-stricken stomachs

and the growl of famine bellies

roar over the moans of pain and

the wails for just a bite of anything.

canned coca-cola ads and mcdonalds lovin’ it

and exxon cares marketing strategy 

comes through the pipes to not fill empty

glasses while capital one what’s in 

your wallet is slathered on recycled cardboard bread

with hellman’s mayonaise packets distributed

by a rep with love-handles.

the ragged bones masses with hands

like pitchforks stab at the ground

where Johnny Mayo Packet sows his

seeds in emerging markets, then

tear open the foil packet

and squirt the white goop down their

parched and barren throats.

hunger, hunger, hunger, hunger lives

in the fences they live within.

no one has seen an apple or banana 

for years. the bread rises like slime

using the flour they’ve been given.

sunlight hides behind green-grey

clouds that choke all the ground 

and all the water.


motherfucking bullshit anthropocene

oh fuck. dude! fuck!

what’s your fucking deal, dude?

dude, fucking everything’s going fucking extinct!

no fucking way, dude.

i’m not fucking joking, dude. i’m reading about it right fucking now. fucking three-quarters of all species on earth are gonna fucking die off forever.

fuck you.

i’m fucking serious. fucking cheetahs, fucking apes, fucking bees and frogs and tons of other fucking shit.

that’s fucked. what the fuck are we doing about it?

not a fucking thing. 

well that fucking sucks.

fucking right.


i don’t know though, humans are pretty fucking smart.

what the fuck is that supposed to mean?

maybe they can fucking figure it out before everything is fucking dead.

fat fucking chance.

maybe build a fucking generator that cleans all the fucking pollution out of the air and fucking cleans the oceans and shit. fucking elon musk this shit.

no fucking way.

why you gotta be so fucking negative, dude?

cause it’s fucking humans that fucking caused this fucking thing in the first fucking place.

maybe now that we know we’re fucking killing every fucking thing on earth, maybe we can fucking do something about it.

yeah, i fucking hope so.

fuck… why you gotta talk about that shit? now i’m all fucking depressed.

you think it makes me fucking happy? i feel like shit now.

dude, let’s go get some fucking food.

good fuckin’ idea, dude.

oh, did i tell you i fucking lost my fantasy football league? got fucking second to fucking hosk’s fucking girlfriend.

dude, that fucking sucks.

i fucking know, dude. fucking sucked major.