one bad dream

i’m a prisoner of a psychopath,

chained to a chair.

then fleeing from his

warehouse torture dungeon.

a forgotten kid from highschool

is a secret henchman and

shoots at me in the

parking garage after i ask

his help.

out a hole in the wall, and

i’m in the midst of the downtown

i see everyday.

no one about to ease

the fear of being caught,

or offer safety

from the madman.

run naked, bleeding

barefoot on pavment

in the sunshine.

see two cops, they

move to come save me.

feel shame for crying

before i can tell them

why i am.


with certainty


the fact that

we will each die

is not a gruesome thing.

gruesome is living life

terrified of an inevitable death.



fear of death

must not destroy a life

or lives.

it’s better to welcome the sun

than run from the shadow.

stare it in the face

and smile.