just stop

there must be


important enough

to stop everything for


to call out for

walk out for

lay down for

stand up for

disobey for

serve time for

starve for

suffer for

die for


but the bills to pay

credit score noose

job insecurity

desire to have some


is enticing enough

to do nothing



surely there must be



a lovely number you are


you melt like heroin in a spoon

your body boiled down to data


you are one of X people living with Y

or one of P who died by Q

or one of A who is indebted to B

one of C who dislikes D


all of which makes you a member

of R group

even though you never joined


(but hey,

at least you’re not in U)


always or never or often or occasionally

a figure for folks

to manipulate


incessant macro visions

hurtling towards

micro understanding




we are gods

making sense of the past

to know the future…


as if we know the past


welcome to the real world, kid

the choice is yours




you are so predictable.