for amanda

she’s a sweetie pie,

peachy peach

apple of my eye.

mac and cheese,

knobby kneed

big butt to squeeze,

lovely kind of girl.


song bird quality.

her hands are always


she kisses warm,

and does no harm,

the world is lucky

for her charms.

she holds my hand

when i drive our car.

her touch feels

very, very good.

this poem is nice,

but cannot suffice

to say you well enough.

which is:

you’re wonderful.

and smart and true,

you pick me up when

i am blue.

keeping me seeing

even when i’m being

a grumpy old wingoo,

i’m so lucky

to be with you.

i love you dear,

my darling wife, today

and foralwaysmore.

still, i’ve got one last ask

before i let go

your curvy-wurvy spine,

“will you please,

please, please please

be my valentine?”






a(n) (in)sensitive conversation

hey, do you want to know something?


are you sure?

i’m sure.

are you really, really sure?

well, no. i guess i’m not.

but i want to tell you something.

ok, so tell me.

do you really want to know?

oh my god, yes. i really want to know.

i’m four days late.

you’re four days late?


well, that could mean something. or it could mean nothing.

i know, but i was hoping.

well, try not to stress over it. a lot of things can happen.

i know that.

i know you know that.

and i’m not stressing.

i’m just saying i’m not going to get my hopes up in case you’re just late. like last time.

i can’t help it if my hopes are up.

i know you can’t. you know, talk to me in one, or three, or six months. in six months, maybe, i’ll get my hopes up.

i can’t talk to you about it for six months? i wanted to tell you because it’s a lot for me to think about.

i know it’s a lot to think about.

i don’t know why you’d want me to keep quiet about it.

i don’t mean i want you to keep quiet.

i don’t think i should have to keep something like this to myself.

i didn’t mean i want you to keep it to yourself.

and i didn’t think me telling you would stress you out so much.

i am not stressed.

you’re clearly stressing out.

ok. you’re right. i’m glad you told me. i want you to be able to talk me about this stuff. please, keep me posted.

well now i don’t think i can tell you anything.

oh, come on. you can talk to me about it. i want to hear all about it.

you do?

i do.

but you’re not excited.

i’m excited. i’m excited and i’m hoping that it’s good news.

are you sure?

i’m sure.

are you really, really sure?