big surprise

there is a box on the ground.

pay the air five dollars.

open it.

the box is empty.

keep walking down the sidewalk.

see the brick of a building.

recall the empty box.

you’re hungry.

trash swirls in the pacific.

and the box was empty.

stop for the don’t walk sign.

then step in the street to cross.

don’t look back at the box.

carry it with you.


one party, two party, red party, blue party

we are democrats, whoop-dee-doo!

we are republicans, boo-hoo-to-you!

we love money, yes we do!

we love money, more than you!

chuck and nancy sitting in a tree–

trump can’t afford all his legal fees!

russia, russia, hacking, hacking–

long live coal, oil and fracking!

don’t come over here you bernie bro–

obama the antichrist had to go!

your insensitive words hurt my feelings–

your irreverent humor has me reeling!

the koch brothers are evil and greedy–

george soros’ eyes are black and beady!

we are the patriots who know what to do!

we are the patriots who won’t screw you!

yes you will!

no we won’t!

yes you will!

no we won’t!

you’re stealing the future from under our feet–

it’s the public who says that we have got you beat.

they love our leaders and our social grace–

your leaders have egg all over their face.

the gop has criminals running their show–

says the fake liberal media, don’t you know.

the air is polluted, our oceans are heating–

as if that will spare you another electoral beating.

the people love us more than you–

both of us know that just isn’t true.

the election was rigged, hillary won–

the election was bliss, and so much fun!

you’d better beware as midterms are near–

you’d better believe we feel no fear.

all of your lies will come back to haunt you–

what we’ve done you can’t just ‘undo’.

voters, voters, vote for me!

voters, voters, vote for me!

(in unison)

we want what’s best for the country today!

you there, sir, what do you say?


(random man)

please leave me alone, you two.

i want nothing to do with either of you.