for amanda

she’s a sweetie pie,

peachy peach

apple of my eye.

mac and cheese,

knobby kneed

big butt to squeeze,

lovely kind of girl.


song bird quality.

her hands are always


she kisses warm,

and does no harm,

the world is lucky

for her charms.

she holds my hand

when i drive our car.

her touch feels

very, very good.

this poem is nice,

but cannot suffice

to say you well enough.

which is:

you’re wonderful.

and smart and true,

you pick me up when

i am blue.

keeping me seeing

even when i’m being

a grumpy old wingoo,

i’m so lucky

to be with you.

i love you dear,

my darling wife, today

and foralwaysmore.

still, i’ve got one last ask

before i let go

your curvy-wurvy spine,

“will you please,

please, please please

be my valentine?”






everything at once

i lost my virginity

the same day i took

my first step, the same day

i dropped dead, the same

day i got married and

got drunk and

quit drinking.

the same day i

wrote something lively

i wrote something glum.

made a thousand on

payday, the same day

i spent all my coins on


the same day my grandparents

held me is the day

i saw them go.

the same day

i died, i lived.