that’s cold

after running

in wind that tore

frigid tears from the

sides of dry eyes and

made my pinkies go


i walked into

a warm house

with our christmas tree

and touched her

just showered thighs

with hands like icebergs.

i’m still learning how

to be a husband.


i can’t

did you hear about his…

i did. it’s awful. i don’t–

i just can’t.

and then they’re going to…

god, i know. they’re so–

i can’t. i can’t even.

now we’re all going to have to…

ugh! yes! it’s unbel–

i can’t…

meanwhile we’re all headed for…

don’t remind me. it makes me wanna–

i just can’t.

but this is impor…

i know it is, it’s just–

i can’t. i can’t even…

whatever you say.