one party, two party, red party, blue party

we are democrats, whoop-dee-doo!

we are republicans, boo-hoo-to-you!

we love money, yes we do!

we love money, more than you!

chuck and nancy sitting in a tree–

trump can’t afford all his legal fees!

russia, russia, hacking, hacking–

long live coal, oil and fracking!

don’t come over here you bernie bro–

obama the antichrist had to go!

your insensitive words hurt my feelings–

your irreverent humor has me reeling!

the koch brothers are evil and greedy–

george soros’ eyes are black and beady!

we are the patriots who know what to do!

we are the patriots who won’t screw you!

yes you will!

no we won’t!

yes you will!

no we won’t!

you’re stealing the future from under our feet–

it’s the public who says that we have got you beat.

they love our leaders and our social grace–

your leaders have egg all over their face.

the gop has criminals running their show–

says the fake liberal media, don’t you know.

the air is polluted, our oceans are heating–

as if that will spare you another electoral beating.

the people love us more than you–

both of us know that just isn’t true.

the election was rigged, hillary won–

the election was bliss, and so much fun!

you’d better beware as midterms are near–

you’d better believe we feel no fear.

all of your lies will come back to haunt you–

what we’ve done you can’t just ‘undo’.

voters, voters, vote for me!

voters, voters, vote for me!

(in unison)

we want what’s best for the country today!

you there, sir, what do you say?


(random man)

please leave me alone, you two.

i want nothing to do with either of you.







problem solved

federal money for guns in classrooms

so the pigs on the hill can appease

ol’ wayne lapierre.


federal money for guns in classrooms

so the likelihood of accidents can increase

to an even more absurd degree.


federal money for guns in classrooms

so that when a gun fires in a first grade classroom,

it’s not the only one.


federal money for guns in classrooms

so that public schools are so terrifying

no one sends their kids inside.


federal money for guns in classrooms

because, as adults, this is how

we solve problems.


there is not enough bewilderment

to fill this senseless void;

the place we’ll bury the

dead kids we failed.


i want to do something

about all this.

i want to be a part of the change

that needs to happen.

i want to walk away from my job,

as much as i love it,

and devote my life to

doing something

about all this.

i want to sleep on the ground

in washington.

i want to wake up next to you,

pour you a cup of coffee,

then hold your hand

and march.

i want to stand there,


not saying a word.

holding my fist in the air.

not leaving when they

tell me to.

i want them to kick my ass

because i wouldn’t listen.

because i was doing something

about all this.

i want to share a tent with


i want to meet all the ones

like me.

normal people

who want to do something

about all this.

i want to stand with millions

on the capitol steps.

i want to never leave until

something has been done

about all this.

months and months like that.

living like slobs, and

wholly indecent people.


but i can’t walk away

from this.

i have a job.

they provide insurance.

i’ve got student loans.


if our credit rating

gets trashed, we won’t

ever own a home.

and maybe a baby will

find us someday soon.

i’ll have to work.


our house is comfortable.

and it might be cold in


the strangers might

smell bad,

or steal,

or kill me.

when i’m doing something

about all that.


i can’t risk it.

tonight i’m going to

eat at a real cool spot.

it’s a trendy banh-mi place

with green-haired cashiers.

i’m not afraid of them

because they’re kindly

taking my money.


we get along as we

share a moment

in exchange for getting

what we each want.


i will keep reading the news,


hopefully someone does something

about all this.