spreadsheet warfare

here i come

clicking my mouse

to steal your zeroes.

you have no retirement

because i erased 

column g.

physical limitations, gold,

capped wealth

but now we just keep adding

 digits digitally.

governments get shut down,

people are imprisoned, starve,

die, kill, get blown up,

freeze on the streets, go to work


all to ensure

the adding keeps adding to 


the final product.

it’s all working 


we believe in 

the illusion of absurd numbers.

we all believe in 

what we’re doing.

we buy into what

they’ve sold.

we buy it all.


can of copypasta outrage

edit: [insert tragedy]

date: [here]


“our nation mourns”

“whoever carried out these despicable acts”

“we are resillient”

“heinous and cowardly”

“thoughts and prayers”

“mourners gathered at a candlelight vigil”

“first responders speak”

“you go home and hug your kids”

“like nothing i’ve ever seen”

“an all too familiar scene”

“the 911 call”

“shots rang out in the quiet town of”

“america is great because americans are strong”

“i thought, ‘oh my god. i’m gonna die.'”

“it started out like any other day.”

“i could just tell that she was gone and was never coming back”

“it sounded like firecrackers”

“i got down and i prayed and prayed”

“bells rang out; a sombre reminder of”

“there was blood everywhere”

“there was blood everywhere”

“there was blood everywhere”

“there was blood everywhere”